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New York's Legislative History & Research Service

Since 1932, New York Legislative Service, Inc. has provided the most extensive research and material on legislative intent.  We are the only source for the most complete legislative histories, with expert assistance!
The major law firms, court libraries, corporations, banks, and the City of New York depend upon us to provide the most comprehensive legislative histories possible.  Our collection has been built up over decades of daily legislative research.

There is no single source document for legislative intent, so when you need a legislative history on New York State and New York City laws, or the NYS Constitution, we create a custom compilation. 

NYLS is a not-for-profit membership corporation. We do not receive any tax dollars or grants, so our fees are carefully structured to cover our annual budget.  You get experts to do your legislative research at cost, while saving you a lot of valuable time and aggravation!

Fees / Prices
• Researched Governor’s Bill Jacket only: $100 - $250
(The Governor's Bill Jacket + all other material found via our protocols)
NYLS Proprietary Legislative History:  $150 - 300 + [research time charges, if necessary]
(Material gleaned from all sources via our protocols)
• NYLS Constitutional History:  $250 - $350
(Each history entails one section of the Constitution,encompassing all years of its existence.)
• NYC Local Law Legislative History  $150 - $300
(includes material from the City Councils and Mayor's offices, and other sources):
• Public Hearing Transcripts:  $125 - $175
• Research time charges:  $95 - $240 an hour (billed in 15 minute increments)   Our specialized, private library coupled with our expert research staff uniquely allows us to provide high-quality, comprehensive research in an efficient, cost-saving manner. You will be surprised how minimal our time charges are!
The cost of each request is contingent upon the following:
• The number of histories required (Each legislative [Chapter Law or Local Law] or regulatory action has an independent history);
• The research time required, if any.


When ordering, please provide a citation to the specific Chapter Law(s) or Local Law(s), which interest you.
If you only have a citation to a statute or regulation (NY Consolidated Laws; NYC Local Law; NYC Administrative Code; NYC Charter; RCNY; NYCRR; etc), we can determine which specific legislative or regulatory amendments you need. Making this determination is billable research time. In all cases, please provide the most specific citation possible.

Legislative Research & Bill Tracking in New York

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    Non-profit Revitalization Act is Chapter 549 of 2013. Call us for the legislative history, and material on the prior proposed legislation. Call Steve at (212) 962-2826.