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Bill Tracking Services

We can help you monitor legislation in 3 different ways. Categorized reporting on all bills: 
Via emailed State Report (PDF file)
One of the three ways we can help you track legislative bills is our New York State Report, published about every 2 weeks. It lists all bills which have passed the Senate and/or Assembly. It also categorizes every bill by Statute as they are introduced. So, if for example you are interested in knowing about every bill introduced which affects the Insurance Law, all of those bills will be listed under that category, with the bill number and a very brief synopsis of the bill.
Click here for more information on the State Report.
Via email
For even faster notification, we can email any section(s) of the State Report to any number of people in your firm. This has become very popular because of its speed, and because it bypasses the library or any other intermediary.
Click here for more information on Bill summaries by Statute Emailed to You.
Computerized tracking
When you see bills that interest you, let us know and we will enter them into our computer tracking system. When any significant action is taken on your selected bills, we will notify you by email. On high priority bills, we will call you personally if you so desire.
Bill tracking services are included at no extra charge with your State Membership!
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