Legislative History - New York

Much more than a document retrieval service, NYLS has a staff of expert researchers who can actually do the research to trace the history of a law and compile the documentation. Almost everything we need is contained in our exclusive in-house library.

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Please call us at (212) 962-2826 to discuss the legislative history you need. If you are unfamiliar with our fees, we can give you a cost estimate at that time.

Note: If you are absolutely sure of the Chapter Laws for which you need legislative histories, you can give us that information. Alternatively, if you give us the section of the statute, we can determine what you need. I might add, that if you can narrow it down to a paragraph or phrase in a section of law, and tell us what your concern is, we can probably eliminate irrelevant Chapter amendments and save you money. It is best that you give us the section of law anyway, so that we can verify that your citation is correct.

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New York Legislative Service, Inc. is exclusively devoted to researching legislative intent and current legislation for New York State and New York City; it is the only such service in existence.