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New York City Rules & Regulations Citation Form

The most widely accepted guide to legal citation form is the Uniform System of Citation (the "Bluebook" or "Harvard Bluebook"), now in its 17th edition.
For use in New York briefs, the Law Reporting Bureau publishes the Official New York Law Reports Style Manual (2002), once popularly known as the "Tanbook." The official Style Manual was prepared by the Law Reporting Bureau of the State of New York, and the full text is currently available at the Bureau's website:
The editors of St. John's Law Review publish New York Rules of Citation (4th ed. 2002). This guide applies the Bluebook (17th ed.) rules to New York examples.
The Association of Legal Writing Directors publishes the ALWD Citation Manual: A Professional System of Citation.
 1. Bluebook
NEW YORK, N.Y., R.C.N.Y. tit. 4, ch. 1, § 1-02 (Command Info. Servs. 2001).
NEW YORK, N.Y., R.C.N.Y. tit. 9, ch. 2, § 205 (N.Y. Leg. Publ’g Co. 2003).
Rules New York (N.Y.) tit. 4, ch. 1 (2001).
3. Official Style Manual
In Parentheses:
(Rules of the City of NY Dept. of Parks & Recreation [56 RCNY] § 1-01).
In running text or footnotes the citation would read as follows: Rules of the City of NY Dept. of Parks & Recreation (56 RCNY) § 1-01.
The New York Legal Publishing Corporation’s edition is an official version of the rules, published under contract with the city. It contains a provision stating, “Pursuant to § 1045 of the New York City Charter, the Corporation Counsel has certified that this publication contains the rules of the agencies of the City of New York.”
New York Legislative Service, Inc. wishes to thank William S. Hein & Co., Inc. for allowing us to quote the above information from their book, Gibson’s New York Legal Research Guide (Third Edition), William H. Manz. © 2004